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The Collectors Guide Part 2: An Overview of Buying European Fine Art

The second instalment in our collector’s guide series of articles is a helpful overview of the ins and outs of how to buy European fine art. As an art dealer who regularly sells European fine art online, it’s safe to say that Europe has had an enormous influence on the arts of a variety of other cultures for many centuries. As the arts typically reflect society as a whole, they have naturally evolved as a direct result of the interactions with other societies over the course of time, as well as their own cultural artefacts born out of previous civilisations.

European Art & Cultural Identity

There is undoubtedly an obvious cultural identity in European Art. From the Renaissance to the present day, European artists have typically been influenced and inspired by the various cultures that they encountered while travelling. This exchange of ideas has naturally led to the development of new styles and genres of art, as well as the spread of existing ones.

Formed in 1951 with The Treaty of Paris, Europe’s influence on the arts of other cultures is extensive. The European art forms of music, dance, literature, architecture, sculpture, and painting have had a significant effect on the cultural development of communities across the globe.

Choosing to Buy European Art

Of course, the monumental transition from the historic old master styles into new modernity was slow. But it can be separated into ten predominant periods of European art history where the cultural styles and identities of each movement undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping not only the region but a plethora of immensely talented and subsequently famous European artists.

So whether you’re interested in buying European fine art from the Renaissance period of 1400-1600, the Romanticism movement from 1750-1890, or the Impressionist period of 1870-1920, research into what appeals to you from each movement is a great place to start. European art is so varied and diverse that often a significant amount of exploration is needed to even know where to begin on your journey to buying European art. 

Buying European Fine Art Online

As an art dealer who sells fine art online, it’s always at the forefront of my mind that current and potential clients keep a close eye on the Victoria Fine Art website when buying European art online. We have a full category on the website devoted to European art, which includes a variety of paintings with subjects ranging from landscapes, still life, town scenes and animals.

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