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5 Notable Modern British Artists

With years of experience in the art market behind us, Victoria Fine Art often get asked for recommendations on artists worth investing in. Modern British art is famous all over the world for its talent and innovation, making it an exciting area for collectors to explore. If you’re looking to purchase fine art that not only enriches your collection but also has the potential to appreciate in value, here are five notable modern British artists for you to find out more about. Their works represent a unique blend of tradition and modernity, offering both aesthetic pleasure and investment potential.

David Hockney

Arguably one of the most influential British artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, David Hockney is well known for his vibrant paintings, drawings, and photography. Hockney’s work captures the essence of contemporary life with a keen eye for colour and composition. His pieces often depict everyday scenes with a twist of the surreal, making them highly sought after in the art market.

If you’re looking for paintings to buy, Hockney’s works are an excellent choice. His innovative approach to art, including his use of technology in creating digital paintings, ensures that his pieces will remain relevant and appreciated for years to come. As a fine art dealer, I can attest to the high demand for Hockney’s art, making it a smart investment for any collector.

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin rose to fame as part of the Young British Artists (YBAs) movement in the 1990s. Known for her deeply personal and often provocative works, Emin’s art spans various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and even neon installations. Her candid approach to themes such as love, loss, and identity resonates with many collectors.

Emin’s pieces are often highly autobiographical, making them not just artworks but also personal narratives. Her work, therefore, offers a unique opportunity to buy original art that tells a compelling story. Investing in Emin’s work means owning a piece of contemporary history, and with her growing reputation, her art is likely to continue appreciating in value.


Banksy, the elusive street artist whose identity remains a mystery, has revolutionised the art world with his thought-provoking and often controversial works. Banksy’s art typically features powerful social and political messages, and has transcended the street to become highly collectible fine art.

For those looking to buy artwork with a contemporary edge, Banksy’s pieces are a perfect fit. Despite their origins on the street, his works always command high prices at auctions and are considered extremely valuable investments. As an art dealer, I’ve seen firsthand the demand for Banksy’s works, which often sell quickly and at high premiums.

Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville is known for her large-scale paintings of nude figures, which challenge traditional representations of the human body. Her work is both confrontational and captivating, exploring themes of identity, body image, and femininity. Saville’s mastery of form and her bold, expressive style have earned her a prominent place in the art world.

Saville’s paintings are good examples of fine art paintings for sale online, appealing to collectors who appreciate both technical skill and conceptual depth. Investing in Saville’s work not only enriches a collection but also supports an artist who continually pushes the boundaries of contemporary art.

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is another prominent figure from the Young British Artists movement. He is known for his controversial and often macabre works. Hirst’s art, which includes iconic pieces like his formaldehyde-preserved animals and diamond-encrusted skulls, challenges viewers to confront themes of life, death, and consumerism.

Hirst’s work is considered a standout in any collection, and his pieces are consistently in demand. For collectors looking to purchase fine art, Hirst offers a range of options, from paintings and sculptures to limited edition prints. His reputation and the provocative nature of his work ensure that his pieces remain highly valuable.

Investing in Modern British Art

The artists mentioned above represent some of the best opportunities for investment in modern British art. Their works not only offer visual and emotional engagement but also the potential for significant financial returns. When considering art to buy, it’s essential to look beyond aesthetics and consider the potential for appreciation.

Whether you’re looking to buy original fine art or searching for fine art paintings for sale online, these artists offer a blend of investment potential and artistic excellence. If you have any questions regarding collecting any type of fine art, including the work of modern British artists, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to complete this form, telephone +44 (0)1727 861669 or email info@victoria-fine-art.com for more information.

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The British Art Renaissance: Invest in Modern British Paintings

As a fine art dealer with a passion for the vibrant world of contemporary art, Victoria Fine Art has witnessed a flourishing British Art Renaissance over the last decade. With a rich heritage and a contemporary edge, modern British paintings offer an exciting investment opportunity for both art enthusiasts and collectors. Whether you are looking to elevate your personal space with captivating artworks, or you want to diversify your investment portfolio, buying modern British art is a decision that combines aesthetic pleasure with potential financial gain.

Gone are the days when acquiring fine art required visits to galleries or auctions. The digital age has revolutionised the art market, making it more accessible than ever before. Today, you can conveniently buy modern British art online, opening up a world of artistic possibilities with just a few clicks. Online platforms curated by reputable art dealers offer a vast selection of modern British paintings, providing a seamless experience for art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Why Invest in Modern British Art?

The contemporary British art scene is experiencing an undeniable renaissance, characterised by a diverse range of styles and concepts. The UK’s artists are pushing boundaries, exploring new techniques, and addressing compelling themes, therefore making their artworks highly sought after. By investing in modern British paintings, you not only support emerging and established artists but also gain access to a vibrant and evolving art market.

I’ve shared my opinion before, but the Modern British art sector really is one of the most vibrant in the market and very important for both collectors and dealers. There’s no doubt that there is something incredibly exciting about appreciating newly emerging artists and having the chance to support and bolster their careers.

As the value of modern British art continues to soar, it’s never been more attractive for both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers. A fine art dealer can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you make informed decisions based on your taste and investment goals. Whether you’re drawn to abstract expressionism, figurative art, or conceptual pieces, there is a wealth of modern British paintings to choose from.

Buying Modern British Art Online

When you buy original art, you acquire a unique and tangible asset that can appreciate in value over time. While financial returns are never guaranteed in the art market, investing in modern British art allows you to own a piece of cultural history while potentially benefiting from its appreciation in the future. By carefully selecting artworks from reputable artists and considering their artistic trajectory and market demand, you can make strategic choices that align with your investment objectives.

The beauty of buying artwork online is the convenience and access it provides. You can browse through a wide range of modern British paintings from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you may be. Online platforms offer detailed information about each artwork, including its size, medium, and artist biography. In addition, high-resolution images allow you to examine the artwork closely, ensuring you are captivated by every brushstroke and texture.

Choosing a Reputable Dealer

As a discerning art collector, it is essential to choose a reputable art dealer who curates a selection of fine art for sale. A trusted dealer will provide transparency regarding the authenticity, provenance, and condition of the artworks, ensuring your investment is both secure and satisfying. Look for dealers who have a deep understanding of the modern British art scene, who actively engage with artists and collectors, and who have a track record of successful transactions.

If you’re interested in investing in Modern British art, take a look at the selection of Modern British art to buy online at Victoria Fine Art. Alternatively, if you or wish to set up an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to complete this form, telephone +44 (0)1727 861669 or email info@victoria-fine-art.com for more information.

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The Collector’s Guide Part 1: How to Buy Modern British Art Online

In the first article of our collector’s guide series of articles, we’ll be discussing how to buy modern British art online. As an art dealer who sells fine art online, it’s always at the forefront of my mind that current and potential clients keep a close eye on the Victoria Fine Art website when looking to buy modern British art online. Whether they fall in love with the piece itself, or are buying with the intention of investment, here are some of my own personal tips to follow when buying art online.

Start with Research

Although I would like to stress that there really is no right or wrong way to go about buying art online, the first obvious step in the process is to do some research into what appeals to you by seeing and experiencing as much art as you can. Start by browsing online and getting a feel for what you like, what inspires you, and how viewing various pieces makes you feel. In addition to looking online, why not seek out a local gallery or open studio event so that you can see work in the flesh and meet the gallery owners to speak about the artists they’re representing.

Advantages of Buying Art Online

Of course, buying art in person doesn’t suit everyone for many reasons. The challenges of distance and time may be a factor, but some people prefer to browse in the comfort of their own homes without having to physically walk into a gallery. When looking to buy modern British art online, viewing pieces on the internet gives a transparent buying experience and allows you to view a wide range of work. Prices are visible and there’s no limit to the time or variety of art you can browse at a time. And, don’t forget, we can always bring art to you!

Ask Questions

Whether you choose by buy modern British art online, at a gallery, or even an auction, as a fine art dealer I would always recommend that you ask as many questions as possible. As a specialist, I am always available to answer as many questions as I can, and more. I love nothing more than having an in-depth conversation about a piece of modern art, diving deep into every aspect of it. When buying modern British art online, don’t hesitate to ask for more photos, more information about the piece itself and the artist, and a report on the condition of the piece too before you make a buying decision. In my opinion, it is my job to provide my clients with the very best service, so the more questions the merrier as far as I’m concerned!

Seek Advice

When buying modern British art online, I would always suggest asking for advice from a professional if you feel the need to. Art should be selected wisely, and professional advice is key to the decision-making process in many cases. Here at Victoria Fine Art, we have over 50 years of experience and always provide our customers with all the necessary information pertaining to each piece.

If you have any further questions regarding the wide selection of modern British art to buy online at Victoria Fine Art or wish to set up an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to complete this form (https://victoria-fine-art.com/contact/), telephone +44 (0)1727 861669 or email info@victoria-fine-art.com for more information.