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hand making a gold leaf mirror

Mirror, Mirror, In The Manor

Mirrors are such wonderful things when it comes to embellishing the space in which they sit. But it has to be the right mirror for the space.

Unable to find what they wanted, the owners of a Scottish mansion recently tasked us with making a large mirror to sit in a very specific space and fit a very specific style.

We had no design or template to work with, and were simply asked to make a gold leaf mirror with an outside of 66” x 95”, but, with over 40 years’ experience in making bespoke hand made picture frames and mirrors, the task was undertaken with gusto. 

Below you can see the finished but ungilded frame and finished mirror looking rather grand in situ.

bespoke handmade mirror corner ungilded

bespoke handmade mirror ungilded   

bespoke handmade mirror centre ungilded

bespoke handmade mirror final piece