Victor Brugairolles

He was born at Ganges (Herault) and studied under Fernand Corman.

He painted beach scenes especially and travelled extensively through Holland, England, Normandy, Nant, Venice and Paris. He also painted extensive landscapes containing animals.

It was his love of the French landscape that drove his artistic career. As well as using oil he would also use pastels, for sketches on location and for finished compositions.

He showed his work in the Salon of French Artists and won himself a medal in 1912; he also featured in the Salon “D’Automne” in 1907. His work, being very decorative in nature and set in familiar places, was very commercial and popular in the private market.

He exhibited at the Paris Salon between 1894 and 1936 (most of his career) and we even find him exhibiting once in England at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool in 1906.

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