Gaston Boucart (1878-1962)

He was born at Angouleme (Charente) and spent all his life in France.

He was a pupil of the progressive artist Gustave Moreau- then later Aime Morot, Francois Flameng and Fernand Cormon at the school of fine art in Paris.

Boucart specialised in painting architectural subjects, landscapes with animals and urban landscapes. He is especially known for his depictions of country lanes, his well observed interiors and all the waterways and architecture of Venice- a subject he became particularly fond of.

He showed his work at the Salon of French Artists in Paris from 1913 to 1939, and went on to become a member there, receiving an honourable mention in 1928 and a knighthood for his services to art in 1937.

His work is represented in the museums of Angouleme and Niort.

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