Romain Steppe

1859 – 1927 Belgian

This Belgian Artist was the pupil of Joseph von Haerde and then Johannes A. Boland and finally the Impressionist Isidore Meyers a member of the “grey school”.

Steppe specialised in painting landscapes with figures, waterscapes and seascapes. His technique used a varied palette with an emphasis on portraying the effects of light and its change depending on the time of day and the season. His marines and landscapes show his interest in the changing effects of light and the characteristics of sunlight according to the time, season and weather.

He became a member of the “Als ik kan” (As I can) movement with whom he shared and pioneered many artistic ideas. Steppe travelled quite extensively concentrating on the Scheldt, in the Campine du Limbourg and in England, Holland and France.

He eventually returned to Belgium in 1887 and settled in Antwerp, where he was to exhibit on numerous occasions.

His work can be compared with that of the well-known Dutch marine painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

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