Jean Louis Marcel Cosson


Jean-Louis-Marcel Cosson was born in Bordeaux in 1878. He was a member of the Sociétaire des Artistes Français, receiving an honourable mention in 1901 and a third medal in 1911. His work was also represented at the Salon de la Nationale and the Tuileries. He is known for his scenes of dancers, the theatre, bars, interiors and also flowers.

Throughout his career, Cosson was fascinated by the theatre; his oeuvre is filled with images of backstage, the wings, Opera foyers, dance classes and ballerinas. His canvasses sparkle with the light of footlights reflecting off the tutus of dancers and the elegant costumes of theatre goers.

He painted in a variety of mediums including oils, gouache, watercolours and drawings. He is specially known for his composition of the human figure and his observation of all its different facets in different surroundings and positions.

Cosson was a prolific artist and his work is now highly sought after in private collections and through European auctions.

He was awarded numerous prizes in Paris, Versailles, Lucerne and Milan.

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