Georges Stein

Georges Stein is considered a Paris Boulevard painter and water colourist from the French school. She was born circa. 1870.

Painter of genre, landscapes, landscapes with animals, street scenes, painter in oil, watercolour and gouache.

She is probably best known for his urban scenes in oil and watercolour of London, Monte-Carlo and especially Paris where they were imbued with nostalgia for a belle-époque France.

Georges Stein’s paintings are filled with movement, colour, the smells and the sounds found only on an atmospheric wet street in the heart of Paris. The window Stein provides into this earlier period of Parisian life offers the viewer a visual history of France and a personal connection to this provocative time. In her works, Stein captures the theatre of this iconic city with its flower vendors, gentlemen, children with nannies, and grandes duchesses, amongst other characters. She successfully merges these fascinating Parisians with well-known buildings, arrondissements, and places, thereby guiding us through Paris in a series of intimate glimpses.

She painted many views of the flower market at Madelaine, the gardens of Luxembourg, the opera and the Moulin Rouge.

She masterfully creates scene that enables the viewer to feel like they are participating in the everyday hustle and bustle of the streets.

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