Emile Volkers

1831 – 1905

Born on 4th January 1831in Birkenfield and died in 1905 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Volkers was a painter, draughtsman and lithographer. He specialised in genre scenes, landscapes and animals – primarily equestrian.

Volkers was initially taught by Rietschel and Schnorr at Dresden and then by Albrect and Franz Adam in Munich between 1852 and 1857. In 1857 to 1867 he continued his studies in Dusseldorf.

In 1867 he was in the service of the prince of Romania in Bucharest and in 1869 he visited Italy.

After returning from Italy he spent the rest of his career and life in Dusseldorf

He has works in the Romanian National Museum in Bucharest (Muz. National de Arta al Romaniei) – ‘The Village Messenger’, in Cologne Museum – ‘A Family of Bohemiams’, in Riga – ‘In the Circus Stable’ and in Wiesbaden – ‘Romanian Peasants Going to Market’.

His paintings have been sold in auction throughout the world with prices fetching up to €10 000.

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