Edward Noott

B. 1963

Contemporary British Impressionist artist painting en plein air

Working extensively and confidently in oil paints, Edward Noott is able to build up a rich, textured, tactile surface, where sunlight is caught and refracted off the ridges of paint. The brushstrokes of the artist’s brush are clearly visible in all Noott’s work, as the thick trails of paint inscribe his signature over the canvas. Despite the broad sweeping brushwork, an extraordinary degree of detail is harnessed within the painting using light in both outside settings and interior spaces. The paintings reveal an exquisitely perceptive sense of modelling between the loose, expressive brushwork and the intricate detailing of form.

Edward says of his work: “My satisfaction is winning the technical and emotional battles encountered in painting a picture which creates a feeling of harmony and optimism. Now I am also looking for a light that reveals the lustre and texture of materials and creates a real space around them. Colour has become more descriptive and less interpretive, light has become more solid.
The goal I have set for myself as an artist is to present and personalise beautiful and inspiring places. Using the painterly qualities of tone and colour, my aim is to interpret the subtleties and nuances of time and place to create lucid and harmonious paintings at home and abroad.”

Selected Group Exhibitions
Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
Royal Birmingham Society of Painters
Royal West of England Academy
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Chelsea, Manchester and Glasgow Art Fairs
J. M. Stringer Gallery of Fine Art, Bernardsville, NJ and Vero Beach, FL, USA

One Man Exhibitions
John Noott Galleries annually from 1993
Park View Fine Paintings, Bristol, England
Weatherburne Gallery, Naples, Florida, USA
J.M.Stringer Gallery of Fine Art, Bernardsville, NJ, USA
J.M. Stringer Gallery of Fine Art, Vero Beach, FL, USA

Edward Noott’s paintings are collected widely throughout Europe and the United States. His work is also in the private collections of Lord Robertson (former chief of NATO), Sir Stanley and Lady Clarke, Lord Birdwood, and in the public collection of the University of Wales.

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