Charles Chaplin

Born on 8 June 1825 – and died on 20 January 1891

This charming artist, that painted tea young women with ace much grace and more of truth than that of François Boucher, he was the son of a Englishman, but in 1886 he became a naturalised Frenchman.

He was a pupil of Drolling and made his debut with portraits and landscapes in 1845. His first works showed he had a powerful and strong nature guided by his belief in realism. But he didn’t modify his shape/or style for the gracious kind that made his reputation. His drawing has strength and suppleness, and his coloration is brilliant and delicate. His unusual quality stopped him from getting a prize in Rome. However the jury awarded him a third class medal in 1851 and a second class a year later and a first class in 1865, and in 1879 he was awarded the Legion d’honneur and became an officer in 1881.

To recall all of Chaplins work would take too long, but suffice to say, a big number were popular. He executed various decorations, most notably a grand panel of a dream scene for the prince Demidoff. Chaplin as an engraver, is no less interesting, with his straightforward, flexible, powerful style. Most of his watercolours are strong as are the original reproductions of Rembrandt, Decamps and Leleux

He had works in the museums of Bayeux, Bordeaux, Bourges, Victoria and Albert, London Reims and Santes.

His works have been auctioned throughout Europe, England and the USA and have reached figures up to $222 500

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