Alfred Fontville De BREANSKI Jnr

A typical example of De Breanski’s highland landscapes with a wonderful sunlight glow on the mountain tops and lovely attention to detail with cattle grazing on one side of the free flowing river and a fisherman on the other side.

He was born on 20th August 1877 at Lewisham, London, and died in 1957. He studied at St. Martin’s School of Art under Cecil Rea and later in Paris under Whistler.

He specialised in painting landscapes, highland scenes and some coastal views.

He came from a family of painters, being the son of Alfred de Breanski. His landscapes were in a style similar to his father’s, but rather more “painterly” and broader in their handling.

At some point he started using the names Alfred Fontville de Breanski, and signing his works A.F. de Breanski or A. Fontville. This led to some confusion but it is now accepted that these two names are the same person. He also painted flowers under the name Gustave Courtier.

Lived at 19 Fitzroy Square, London

Exhibited at: – Royal Academy, London
Royal Society of British Artists, London

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