Adolphe Guillon


Born on March 23rd in Paris, Guillon was a pupil of Jules Noel and Charles Gleyre. His subject matter of choice was genre scenes, landscapes and engravings.
He became immersed in the Paris art scene and had exhibitions at the Paris Salon until he left in 1863. His next exhibitions were at London in 1869 and 1879. He won a medal in 1867 and another one in 1880. His numerous views of Vezelay were featured in the publications “Fouilles a Vezelay” and “Lettres d’un paysagiste”.

His museum exhibits are as follows:
Auxerre – landscape
Bucarest – “view of a village”, “the little path at Vezelay”
Carpentras – “a little corner of my garden”
Clamecy – landscape
Dijon – landscape
Paris – (at the Louvre) landscape, a drawing, (at the Mus d’Orsay), landscape, a drawing
Rouen – landscape
Sens – landscape

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