Alfred Chagniot


He was born in and lived in Paris all his life.

He specialised in painting figure scenes, landscapes, landscapes with animals, dead game, marine and flower subjects. He used bold textured oil paint in a post –impressionist style. His choices of painting location spanned many regions of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the shores of the Mediterranean.

He was a pupil of Montezin and first showed his work at the Salon of French Artists in 1936, becoming a member in 1938. He went on to show his work at the Salon of Independent Artists, at Hiver and the French School.

In 1971 he won a grand prize at the Salon of French Art and he was invited to be guest of honour at the Museum of Luxemburg in Paris (1990). In 1993 a large retrospective exhibition of his work was organised at Croissy-sur-Seine. In his later years he was knighted and was very active as a professor at Asnieres, Chatou.

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