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Jules Giradet

Biography of Artist


1856 – 1946

Girardet was born in Versailles to Swiss parents where he died in Switzerland.

He was a painter of historical, genre scenes, landscapes, murals watercolours and pastels.

He grew up in an artistic environment -being the son of the artist Paul Girardet. He studied under Alexandre Cabanol at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris. He regularly figured in Paris at the Salon, but also he had a number of exhibitions at the Swiss provinces.

In 1881 he received a third class medal from the Paris Salon, and bronze and silver medal at the universal Exhibition in 1889.

His works can be found in the museums of Berne, Geneva, Nante, Neuchatel and Quimper.

'La Chasse aux Cannards' by

'La Chasse aux Cannards'

Size: 29 x 36

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £5000 to £10000

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