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Welcome to our Online Exhibition, featuring specially selected artworks from our collection


We will be having regular exhibitions over time so that you will be able to get a fascinating glimpse into just some of the wonderful paintings that we hold. You will find a comprehensive look at groups of paintings from all eras, regions and themes and also showcasing artists both famous, not so famous and forgotten. The topics will complement the paintings that are on our website but some will also be exclusively online.


Phyllis Bray and the East London Art Group


Jesus and the Fish by

Bray, Phyllis – Jesus and the Fish

34 x 23"

Oil on Canvas


The Fishing Fleet by

Bray, Phyllis – The Fishing Fleet

19 x 29

Oil on Canvas


The Overhanging Trees by

Bray, Phyllis – The Overhanging Trees

22 x 34"

Oil on Canvas


The Toy Boat by

Bray, Phyllis – The Toy Boat

27 x 35"

Oil on Canvas


Tintern Abbey by

Bray, Phyllis – Tintern Abbey

23 x 35"

Oil on Canvas