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Victoria Fine Art are proud to offer contemporary sculptures from some of our finest present day British sculptors both up and coming and young and emerging artists.    




Landes, Benson

Born 1927.

For Benson Landes, sculpture is most definitely a passion. His oeuvre of cast bronzes is populated with 'off duty' ballet dancers, energetic flamenco dancers and pieces such as " Home Alone"; rather wistful women, often caught in moments of solitary repose.

Such an obvious appreciation of the grace and elegance of the female form was, no doubt, heightened by 25 years spent in the couture business, which Benson entered at the age of 14.

Payne, Carl

In 2004 Carl chose to dedicate his time to create and develop stunning contemporary sculpture. Carl is a Staffordshire based sculptor for whom art has played a large part in his academic work taking him through the Burslem School of Art, the Henry Doulton School of Sculpture and then to Stafford College. After qualifying in Figurative Sculpture he launched his career with commission after commission which has now secured his reputation for fine quality workmanship both in life-size format and smaller decorative pieces.