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Picture of a Hunting Dog

St. Marie


Dogs have been with us for centuries – as companions, or working dogs, they really are man’s best friend. We see them everywhere in pictures, on TV, in magazines, we read about them online, and Facebook and Twitter bombard us with those ubiquitous photos of the family dog in numerous funny poses, caught in a moment of pure delight, a vaguely human facial expression, or caught in the act of doing something users think everyone will find delightful. They’ve appeared in film and cartoons and gone on to be household names.

Back in the day, another way to appreciate the appeal of a dog was as ornamentation and they’ve appeared in various pedigrees, forms and artwork over the centuries, the brass dog cigarette lighter, or the dog heads on the top of a walking stick. They’ve appeared in artwork since time immemorial and it’s evident that man worshipped his dog as much as the Egyptians worshipped their cats.

Coming back to the ornaments, show me any person that doesn’t have at least one dog ornament, however small it may be. Personally, I have a bronze of a greyhound as it reminds me of my own.

 The imagery of dogs is featured on pottery, vases and jewellery and sometimes associated with religion back in Roman times. By the time the Victorian times arrived dogs were very much part of art and design and featured in portraits that had been commissioned by owners to show off their hunting dogs, sometimes posing with their masters.

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