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There’s nothing better than going into a prospective house purchase and smelling the aroma of recently brewed ground coffee or the freshly baked bread emitting those childhood memories. It is a trick much used by estate agents. It appears that recently agents and developers have arrived in the modern world and realised that art can do the same.

Brands such as ‘Ralph Lauren’ (who we closely work with) have been doing it for years. There logo is a figure on a polo horse so they decorate their stores with…. paintings and photos of horses, figures and polo scenes. It seems fairly logical.

Hotels do the same to create the image and style of their hotel, using paintings and furnishings in keeping with the design.

In Europe you can buy the house in much the same way as in this country but you can also buy the content and artwork thus increasing the price. Why would an estate agent not maximise its commission and get the highest price?

Recently, however, it appears that things are changing. Houses are being used for art exhibitions where you are able to buy not only the art, but also the property that it is hung. A carefully created exhibition, where you are individually shown around, allows a potential house buyer to spend more time viewing the home.

There is a distinct association between art and luxury homes. The sort of potential buyer that comes to a house like this is the sort of person who collects art. Many of these buyers’ frequent art exhibitions. This has led to artists being headhunted to find the right artwork to showcase and compliment the home.

Developers have started to call in interior designers with close links to art galleries to boost the appeal of their properties. They will brief architects and designers on creating apartments for art lovers and collectors, they will sometimes include having walls large enough and strong enough to hold a number of works. Designers will collaborate with retailers and galleries to use art as part of the whole design concept, offering something different in terms of appeal and style to potential buyers. These projects appear polished and beautifully thought out compared with typical show developments, and the art adds value, as well as often being offered in the purchase of a property as part of the investment.”

It has been a long time coming…

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