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Biography of Artist

Wright's work is highly influenced by the work of the Abstract Impressionist Movement and in particular artists such as Clyfford Still. This movement broke new ground and sought to release the creativity of the unconscious mind through their spontaneous and free approach. His work seeks to break away from the traditional representation of physical objects and explores the relationship of forms and colours.

Wright used thick textured paint and a careful choice of colours to create the desired atmosphere. Sometimes his work gives the viewer sufficient form to recognise the contours of a landscape or building –while other compositions are completely freeform. In doing so he leaves the observer to read into the painting their own interpretation letting their natural emotions and feelings take them to a place unique to them. 

His painting’s beauty lie in its delicate balance of abstract and representational imagery, and its interplay between, and control of, powerful hues of exquisite colour and form.

Wright painted a large body of work; these he usually did on board- though sometimes he used canvas. He almost always signed his work “WRIGHT” in capitals and in one of the corners of the picture.  

His work is very progressive but he only chose to show it at a local level and through private collectors.  He always wanted to keep a large level of anonymity to increase his popularity and exclusivity.



18 x 18

Oil on Board

Price band: F (from £750 to £1500)

Size band: A (Small)

Subjects: Farm Scenes

Categories: Contemporary, Impressionist