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John Alfred Wheeler

Biography of Artist

John Alfred WHEELER

1821 – 1903

Wheeler was born at Andoversford, near Cheltenham. He was the son of John Wheeler and father of James Thomas Wheeler and Alfred Wheeler. He was not interested in art at first but enlisted in the 2nd Queens Corps which gave him plenty of experience and a knowledge of horses that was to be very useful in his artistic career. His army life was cut short by ill health and in 1842 he was discharged.

In the same year he married and by 1854 he and his family were living in bath where he remained for almost 25years. During his time in the military he painted several military scenes of the North Somerset Yeomanry as well as hunting and horse portraits.

In 1877 he moved to Hanwell where he built a house called Bath Villa and he was then close to London Galleries and where his clients were wealthier. Shortly after the move he painted the picture entitled ‘The Beaufort’ which had some 130 people as well as horse and hounds in, and measured 90 x 168 inches. He went on to paint other well-known canvases, some of which were published as prints and were sold for 15 guineas. He painted many of the leading racehorses of the day and amongst his patrons were the Dukes of Beaufort, Portland, Westminster, Rutland and Hamilton and the Earls of Roseberry and Caithness as well as Baron Rothschild.

His works have been auctioned throughout Europe, the UK and the USA reaching up to $45,000.

A Hunter outside Hanwell House by

A Hunter outside Hanwell House

Size: 20 x 27

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £5000 to £10000

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