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Biography of Artist

James Crawford THOM

American School

Born in New York in 1835, an American artist he died on 16 February 1898

Painter of genre, animals, landscapes and still life

He was the son the Sculptor James Thom. He studied at the National Academy of Design in New York and first exhibited there in 1857. He was a pupil of Edward Frere of Paris, to whose work his own bears a close resemblance in style. He worked in England and exhibited, most notably the Royal Academy and at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1864. He also exhibited at the New York National Academy and Boston in 1878 and the Pennsylvania Academy. He died at Atlantic Highlands.

At the Royal Academy in London he exhibited such works as ‘Returning from the Wood- Winter’, ‘Hush-a-Bye’ in 1866 and ‘The Monk’s Walk’ in 1873. From 1866 – 1874 he was living in Brentford, England

His works have been auctioned throughout the UK, and the USA

More information can be found in American Art Annual 1898 by Clement & Hutton and the Dictionary of American Painters by Fielding.

Thom, James C

Fetching Water

16 x 23

Oil on Canvas

Price band: H (from £3000 to £5000)

Size band: B (Medium)

Subjects: Landscape, River Scenes

Categories: Victorian