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Biography of Artist

Roussel-Masure was born in Paris in 1863. Known primarily as a landscape painter, he studied at l’Academie Julien, where he formed close friendships with other artists such as Valtat, D’Espagnat, and Andre. It was in Moret, however, that Roussel-Masure truly established himself as an artist. There, he worked with Sisley and Pissaro, and often visited Monet in Giverny.
 In 1914, he moved to Cages-sur-mer, where he would remain until his death in 1919. He kept a journal of his visits with Renoir, and in 1915 wrote “…to paint well, he says, it is necessary to paint quickly in order to give life to the model, and it is necessary to avoid lingering over the details.” This advice from Renoir is evident in Roussel-Masure’s vigorous brushwork, suggesting quick application of paint. The lack of detail is seen in the landscape in the foreground, and adds to the apparent spontaneity of the work.