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Henri Pierre Picou

Biography of Artist

Henri Pierre PICOU 

French, 1824 - 1895

Born on 27 February 1824 in Nantes and died on 17 July 1895

Painter of Historical subjects, genre and allegorical and symbolic scenes.

Henri-Pierre Picou, like his friends Gérôme, Boulanger, and Hamon, studied under Delaroche and de Gleyre.

He made his debut exhibition at the Salon in 1847, he was awarded a 2nd class medal in the Grand Prix in Rome in 1853 for his painting, ‘The Moneylenders’  and ‘Chased from the Temple’ (École Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris).

Whilst he had an enthusiasm for mythological and classical subjects, he also received commissions for religious painting, such as the frescoes in the church of Bon Secours in Nantes (1858) and canvases for the Chapel of the Holy Apostles in the church of Saint-Roch in Paris. His style had classicizing elements but often demonstrated a neo-rococo tendency in the dance like poses and light, pastel palette

He had works in the museums of Nantes, Amiens and Aix in France and his works have been auctioned throughout France, the UK and the USA