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George Paice

Biography of Artist

Exhibition Period 1878 - 1910

Paice was born in Pimlico, London moved to Croydon, Surrey and then settled in Birkenhead, Liverpool He was born of a wealthy family and married the artist Eunice Mary Stuart at St. George’s, Hanover Square in 1879. They had eight children. His son Philip Stuart Price was also a painter.

He painted a variety of subjects, namely landscapes, still life, genre, sporting and animal scenes. It is for his sporting and animal scenes that he is well known in the art buying circles. One of his patrons was Lady Margaret Cecil. When a George Paice work is put up for sale, it usually generates some interest in the ‘Better Known’ sales.

Many of his paintings, which were small portraits of horses and dogs in landscape, are still in English private collections. He painted some large and fine point-to-point scenes, one of which was painted for the Officers Mess of the Royal Scots Greys. Paice lost all his money in the early 1900s and suffered considerably from loss of commissions during the war, but continued to paint up until his death. Although not a horseman he did have a personal interest in racing and at his funeral his racing colours were carried on his coffin. He was buried in the family plot in Croydon.

Paice worked mainly in oil and his horse portraits are fairly prolific, but his larger scenes are quite rare; he also painted landscapes in both oil and watercolour. Work dated as late as 1922 is as fine as any of his work recorded. His style is normally tight and finished but at times in later years he used a very free style.

George studied at Heatherleys and the Royal Academy Schools between 1905 and 1910, later becoming an art master in Denver, Colorado, USA and at Birkenhead Institute in Liverpool.

Exhibited at:-

Royal Academy x 7

Royal Society of British artists x 4

Manchester City Art Gallery x 1

Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham x 6

His work can also be found in collections, both private and public throughout the UK and the USA