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Madelaine PLANTEY

Biography of Artist

She was born in 1890 at Avignon and died in 1985 at Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset.

The young Madeleine Plantey lost her father leaving her mother to teach singing lessons to raise her three children. After a life long relationship with Louis Milliat she later married him after the death of Joseph Milliat who did not want his son to marry an artist. The couple adopted a daughter.

Madeleine Plantey was a pupil of Tony Tollet in Lyon . His studio is located at the Laurencin Road. She painted nudes, dancers, still lifes and sometimes landscapes. On Sundays she would travel the countryside to paint landscapes and pick wild flowers that would make up her still life subjects. She also produced some landscapes of the British countryside.

She exhibited in a gallery at the Rue Auguste Comte in Lyon, and at the Salon des Beaux Arts de Lyon. She won prizes at the Paris Salons, and later became  an Associate at the French Artists Society . A typical title of her work was Nude Woman combing her Hair (Calvet museum, Avignon).  

In 1939, the Galerie Charpentier dedicated an exhibition to her work and during her painting career she won a medal of honour in 1937, a bronze medal in 1939 and a gold medal in 1955.