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Biography of Artist



This French artist was born at Charly (Aisne) and quickly developed his own interpretation of French post Impressionism.

His specialised in painting landscapes of all types and these he usually did in oil paint.

He regularly showed his work in Paris and regularly submitted his work to the “Salon of Independents” from 1907. As a painter he gained himself a reputation as having an individual “flair”- using bold colours and a flamboyant style.

Madelain also showed a number of canvases at Havre and at Rouen; though it was naturally in Paris that he had his greatest success. His work is well regarded all over the world and is highly sought after whenever it comes up for sale or at auction.

Madelain, Gustave

A Parisian Scene

10 x 13

Oil on Board

Price band: G (from £1500 to £3000)

Size band: A (Small)

Categories: European, Impressionist