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James T. Linnell

Biography of Artist

1820 - 1905
Exhibition Period 1882 - 1888
James Thomas Linnell was the second son of the painter John Linnell (1792-1882), friend and patron of William Blake, and father-in-law of Samuel Palmer. John Linnell was highly devout, and he sought to imbue his landscapes with the grandeur of nature. With part of the fortune he inherited from his father James Linnell, a distinguished 18th century carver and gilder, he bought the Redstone Wood estate at Redhill in Surrey in 1851. There he built houses for his sons, James Thomas and William, and the family thereafter used the fields, lanes and woods of the estate for most of their pictures. The works of James Thomas Linnell are in a similar vein to those of his father, although his palette is usually more brightly coloured.
London 1850
Redhill, Surrey 1880
Exhibited at:
Manchester City Art Gallery x 1
Royal Academy x 38
Royal Institute of Oil Painters, London x 1