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Biography of Artist

1813 - 1897
He was born in London and was the senior member, and the best known, of the Hulk family of painters. He was the father of Hendrik and Abraham Jnr who were also noted painters. He was born in Amsterdam where he later studied at the Amsterdam Academy. He studied under Jean Augustin Daiwaille, the portrait painter.
Hulk was a master of atmosphere in romantic calms, his work very recognisable even without a signature.
He visited the North of the USA from 1833 - 1834 and returned to Holland. In 1870 he went back to live in London and lived there until his death.
He exhibited at the Royal Academy on two occasions in 1876 and 1890 and in The Hague and Leeuwarden between 1843 and 1868.
His works have been auctioned throughout Europe, the UK and the USA.
Works by this artist constantly reach very high prices in auction in June 1997 a small pair went for £33000 (£38500 including premium) in 1990 a single marine fetched £30000. Many pieces have reached over £20000 at Auction.

Hulk Sr, Abraham

Boats at Sunset

16 x 24

Oil on Canvas

Price band: I (from £5000 to £10000)

Size band: B (Medium)

Subjects: Dutch, Marine

Categories: Marine, Victorian