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Harry Hall

Biography of Artist

British Equestrian School

He was born in Cambridge in 1814 and died in 1882.

Hall is first recorded working at Tattersalls and contributed to the ‘British Racehorses’ and ‘The Sporting Review’ and for a while was chief artist on ‘The Field’- with several contributions to the Illustrated London News. He later moved to Newmarket as his work was almost entirely racehorse portraits

He was the father of Sydney Prior Hall (1842 – 1920)

 His output was prolific and he was the foremost racehorse portraitist of his time: his style has been described as being "strikingly modern... when compared with many of his contemporaries". He also produced other types of portraits and shooting scenes.

Hall was born in Cambridge  sometime around the middle of the second decade of the 19th century. He first appeared as an artist at Tattersalls , working on a number of their publications; initially British Racehorses and The Sporting Review. He graduated to become chief artist of The Field . He produced a great volume of work, much of which was engravedThe Sporting Magazine published 114 plates  by Hall. He also worked for The Illustrated London News .

Hall filled the gap left by J.F. Herring Senior and was the major racehorse portraitist of his time. He also exhibited a number of non-sporting pictures at the Royal Academy and was an artist of great ability. Hall tended to often follow the fashion of the time by giving his horse’s particularly small heads and excessively strong quarters. He normally signed and dated his work.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1838 – 1864 where he showed 11 works. He also showed at the British Institute 17 times and the Royal Society of British Artists 26 times

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