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Biography of Artist



This Italian artist was born on august 24th in Domodossola (Piedmont) and died in Pegli (near Genoa, Liguria).

He was a painter of genre scenes, figurative work, landscapes and urban landscapes and mountainscapes.

Follini was a pupil of Antonio Fontanesi at the Albertina Academy in Turin and he also spent 4 years furthering his studies in Bologna.

His work has appeared at museums and exhibitions in Turin, Florence, Venice and Rome with a piece titled “Drinking Trough in the Alps”.

Through his career he painted many different types of landscape- with favourites being views of mountains, Venice, the sea and the countryside.

Follini, Carlo


17 x 10

Oil on Panel

Price band: H (from £3000 to £5000)

Size band: A (Small)

Subjects: Town Scenes

Categories: European, Impressionist