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Francois Nicholas Augustinc Feyen-Perrin

Biography of Artist

Auguste Feyen-Perrin

b Bey-sur-Seille, 12 April 1829; d Paris, 14 Oct 1888).

He was a French painter, draughtsman and printmaker. His older brother Eugène (1815–1908) was a painter, who persuaded their father to let Auguste pursue a similar career and served as his first teacher in Nancy.

Auguste furthered his studies in Paris with Martin Drolling, Léon Cogniet and Adolphe Yvon. In Drolling’s atelier Feyen-Perrin began a lifelong friendship with Jules Breton. He exhibited in the open Salon of 1848, and in 1853 and 1855, as ‘Auguste Feyen’. From 1857 he became ‘Feyen-Perrin’, probably to distinguish himself from his brother, who was also a frequent Salon participant as ‘Perrin’.

He was devoted to realism but sometimes idealised his subjects (fisher folk were depicted as elegant ladies etc.). Later in his career his work became stylistically closer to symbolism than Impressionism and he found his niche in the artistic world of the time.

Feyen-Perrin’s work can be found in the museums of Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Arras, Epinal, Le Mans, Moulins, Nancy, Paris (mus. D’Orcy), Rheims, Toulon, Tours and Troyes.