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Rene Fath

Biography of Artist

French School
Born 22nd November 1850 in Paris.
Died in 1922.
Painter of scenes of genre, portraits, Landscapes of animals and landscapes.
Lived 49 Rue de Mesnil Maisons, Lafitte, Seine et Oise, France 1908.
He studied under d’Alexandre Cabanel and Camille Bernier. He debuted in 1870 at Salon de Paris, and also at the Salon des Artists France.
By 1883 he was fully recognised as an artist and was in high demand. Even so he continued to enter his work into exhibitions and still managed to be awarded medals for his paintings.
An honourable mention in 1889 at a’la’Exposition Universelle de 1889
Honourable mention in 1891 at Prix Raigecourt-Goyon
Medal in third class 1894
Medal in the second class 1897
Bronze medal a’l’Exposition Universelle in 1900.