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William Duffield

Biography of Artist


William Duffield was a still-life painter who was born in Bath in 1816. At first, a self-taught artist, Duffield moved to London and studied under George Lance. He also studied in Antwerp for two years with Baron Wappers. He eventually returned to Bath and specialised in painting fruit, vegetables, meat and dead game. He occasionally included figures, mostly portraits of his wife and son.

He exhibited only a few works at the Royal Academy and British Institute, preferring the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street, where he exhibited 38 works.

Duffield died suddenly at the age of 47 at the height of his powers. His wife, Mary Ann Rosenberg, whom he married in 1850, was a flower painter and they presumably worked together. William L. Duffield, a landscape and figure painter, who exhibited very few works, was probably his son.

Dead Game with a Bittern and Grouse by

Dead Game with a Bittern and Grouse

Size: 25 x 22

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £3000 to £5000

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