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Biography of Artist

After a long and successful career in corporate design and marketing, Duff Gordon returned to fine art in 2004. He quickly rediscovering his passion for art and set about refining long forgotten skills. Duff Gordon successfully exhibited during 2011 and again in 2012. Thanks to social media, his network rapidly expanded, leading to a series of important international commissions from the USA, Canada, The Far East as well as the UK.

Duff Gordon was then approached by international sponsors. Their intensions were purely philanthropic, providing invaluable guidance and support, enabling Duff Gordon to find the time and space to take his art onto another level. The resulting body of work became the backbone of Footlights 2014, Duff Gordon’s most ambitious exhibition to date. Held at the prestigious Gallery 8, in St James’s, London during autumn of 2014 the show proved to be a triumph.

Footlights 2014 was a celebration of performing arts through a striking collection of paintings. The aim was to transport performers out of the theatre, studio or music hall and onto canvas, capturing that moment in time that typified the performance, a glance between two dancers or a musician in sublime concentration. He wanted to enable the onlooker to get close up and personal with his eclectic array of subjects.

The ambition was to appeal to anyone with an interest in the performing arts. Not only fans of ballet, jazz and popular music, but also for those who choose to explore emotion through art. Footlights 2014 was a kaleidoscope of energy, performance and beauty that drew from across the Performing arts. 



Duff Gordon, Clive


30 x 24

Oil on Canvas

Price band: H (from £3000 to £5000)

Size band: C (Large)

Subjects: Genre, Music, Portraits

Categories: Contemporary