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Biography of Artist

Joos Vincent De VOS

Belgian School

1829 – 1875

Born in Courtrai on March 4th 1829 and died there on October 10th 1875.

He was a specialist animal painter.

Vos was a student at the Courtrai Academy and studied under E. Woutermaertens.

His preferred subjects were dogs and monkeys.

He visited Italy in 1870 and exhibited with great success in Belgium and France. His monkeys were extremely popular in the United States.

In his studio Vos sheltered apes, wolves, foxes and even a camel.

Towards the end of his life, he returned to Italy and brought back works representing the Italien countryside.

His works are represented in the museums in Bruges and Courtrai.

De Vos, Vincent

Two Terriers

8 x 12

Oil on Panel

Price band: G (from £1500 to £3000)

Size band: A (Small)

Subjects: Dogs

Categories: European