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Charles L Coppard

Biography of Artist

FL 1858-1880
Coppard grew up and lived in Brighton, the bustling life of which provided much of his-though he did not specialise in coastal or marine subject matter. He was known as a painter of landscapes and domestic scenes.
His paintings regularly come up in the London exhibition records between 1858-1880. He is recorded as being a member of the Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street and his many exhibits include works at the British Institute and the Royal Academy. His pictures in the Academy are mostly scenes in Wales-both landscapes and cottage scenes- that were part of a special commissioned series he undertook.
His work quite frequently comes up in public auctions and hangs in many private collections.

Feeding the Chickens by

Feeding the Chickens

Size: 20 x 25

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £1500 to £3000

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