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Adolphe Clary-Baroux

Biography of Artist



Born 1865 in Paris where he died in 1933. 

Clary-Baroux started his career as a stage set designer but went on to become a landscape painter who favoured views of the Seine.

He was greatly influenced by the powerful colour of Alfred Sisley and initially set out to paint in the latter’s style. He was subsequently drawn to the complex pictorial compositional approach of Camille Pissaro.

His main love was painting landscape and genre painting scenes which carried on throughout his career. In his later works the highly convincing rhythm of the paintbrush deliberately conceals his rudimentary preparatory drawing.  Broadly speaking he worked to the Impressionist manner. 

Clary-Baroux specialised in views of the Seine and took part in the in the Salon des Artistes Independants from 1902 and at the National Society of Fine Arts (French) until 1932. He also featured regularly at the Salon L’Automme (of which he was a member) and exhibited in 1927,1929 and 1930 at the Salon des Tuileries.