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Victor Chavet

Biography of Artist

Victor Joseph CHAVET

French 19th Century

He was born 21st July in Pourcieux and died 1906 in Le Creusot (Saone et Loire).

Chavet painted in oils and watercolours and he specialised in genre scenes, portraits and figurative work.

He studied under Pierre-Henri Revoil and later Roqueplan and throughout his career he exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon. He was awarded medals there in 1853 and 1855 and he was knighted in 1859.

He also took part in a number of exhibitions in Geneva after settling there in 1874, and he became a member of the Amsterdam Academy. His work is also represented at the Museums of Aix-en-Provence, Douai and Versailles.

One of his paintings entitled “Prominade in the Hall of Mirrors” was in album presented by Napoleon to Queen Victoria at Versailles.

A Nobleman with his Hound by

A Nobleman with his Hound

Size: 11 x 9"

Oil on Panel

Price: from £1500 to £3000

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