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Charles Chaplin

Biography of Artist


Chaplin was born on 8 June 1825 in Les Andelys (Eure), and died on 20 January 1891 in Paris.

This charming artist, painted young women with as much grace and appeal as François Boucher, but in a less contrived style with a greater sense of realism. He also chose allegorical and genre subject matter as well as specialising in figurative and portrait work

He was the son of an Englishman, but in 1886 he became a naturalised Frenchman. After studying under Drolling he made his debut with portraits and landscapes in 1845. His first compositions showed he had a powerful and strong nature guided by his belief in truth of his depiction. His drawing has strength and suppleness, and his colouration is brilliant and delicate and this ability flourished as he matured as an artist.

Due to his non-native status in France he was unable to qualify for the “Prix de Rome” but it is testament to his work that the jury awarded him a awarded him a third class medal in 1851 and a second class a year later and a first class in 1865. In 1879 he was awarded the Legion of honour and became an officer of the same in 1881.

Chaplin’s work output was vast and very popular in nature. He undertook various decorative commissions in his career, most notably a grand panel of a dream scene for the prince Demidoff and the ceilings and lunettes of the Salon des Fleurs at the Tuileries Palace in Paris.  Chaplin as an engraver, is no less interesting, with his straightforward, flexible, powerful style making his prints very bold and accomplished. Most of his etchings are his original work, but he also did some reproductions of work by Rembrandt, Decamps and Leleux.

He had works in the museums of Bayeux, Bordeaux, Bourges, Victoria and Albert, London Reims and Santes and his work features regularly in auctions throughout the world.

A biography of his long and successful career was published in 1888 by F.Masson.

His works have been auctioned throughout Europe, England and the USA and have reached figures up to $222 500

Dressed for the Ball by

Dressed for the Ball

Size: 53 x 41"

Oil on Canvas

Price: over £10000

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Playing to the Cherubs by

Playing to the Cherubs

Size: 18 x 11

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £3000 to £5000

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