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Biography of Artist

Gustave BRION

French School

Born on the 24th October 1824 in Rothau (Bas-Rhin) and died in 1877 in Paris

He was known for his historical and genre paintings.

A pupil of Guerin he regularly took part in the Paris Salon from 1852 gaining a medal of honour in 1868.

He painted people and genre scenes, their clothes and the natural environment in which they grew up, always with sympathy and precision of detail. His subjects came from everyday rural life, principally of the Vosges and Alsace. His paintings include Towpath in 1852, Schlitters in the Black Forest 1853, Potato Picking during the Rhine Flooding of 1852 1855, The Blessing 1861, Marriage in Alsace 1869, Burial in Venice 1870, First Steps 1876 and Phebus of Chateaupers and Claude Frollo 1878 for an edition of The Hunchback of Notre Dame to name a few.

His work can be found in the museums of Amiens, Mulhouse, Nantes, New York, Louvre (Paris), Strasbourg and Stuttgart.

His works have reached prices of over £15 500

Brion, Gustave

Lovers over the Stream

11 x 14"

Oil on Panel

Price band: H (from £3000 to £5000)

Size band: A (Small)

Subjects: Genre, Landscape, River Scenes

Categories: European


Original Antique Frame