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Eugene Bourgeois

Biography of Artist

Born in 1855 in Paris and died in Saint-Cast in 1909.

He was a painter of landscapes and murals.

He exposed at the Paris Salon in 1874 with ‘Un bras de riviere’; 1880 with ’Coin de foret’; 1882 with ‘Le Petit Pont de Gravoteaux, Seine-et-Marne.

Bourgeois received a bronze medal in1889 and 1900 for his exhibits.

His style with its wonderful colours and delicate touches led to many important commissions from hotels and mayors throughout France.

He especially painted landscapes in Normandy, Camargue, Italy and Maghreb.

His works can be found in the museums of Digne, Lille, Nimes, Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Museum Carnavalet in Paris and Troyes Museum.