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Georges Jules Ernest Binet

Biography of Artist


He was a pupil of Francois Cormon and Raphael Collin. He exhibited at the National Society of Fine Art between 1889 and 1939, and at the Colonaile in 1906. Throughout his career he received various other honours and medals including a knighthood in 1937.

Through his style of painting we see a growing freedom from the constraints of the old establishment of French painting and a move towards the far less rigid style of impressionism. He was never happier than when he was painting along the banks of the Seine capturing all its different moods and atmospheres. He was also known for his keen eye to detail in observing nature and then capturing this information down on canvas.

His work has many admirers and frequently comes up for public sale throughout the world.

Cattle Grazing by

Cattle Grazing

Size: 22 x 33"

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £3000 to £5000

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