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Charles Berthier

Biography of Artist


1860 – 1924

Charles Bertier was born on the 1st October 1860 in Grenoble and died on the 26th July 1924.

He was a painter of landscapes and portraits.

He studied under Jean-Alexis Achard and Laurent Guetal.

From 1880 he exhibited almost annually at the Salon de Paris, receiving an honourable mention in 1894, a third class medal in 1906 and a gold medal in 1907.

His work is represented in the Museums of Gap. Grenoble, Lisbon, Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Saint-Petersbourg.

A Misty Morning by

A Misty Morning

Size: 21 x 29"

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £1500 to £3000

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