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Etienne Berne-Bellecour

Biography of Artist

French School

Born on the 29th July 1838 at Boulogne-sur-Mer where he died on the 29th November 1910.

He was a painter of military subjects, genre scenes, portraits and landscapes.

He studied under Picot and Barrias and the School of Beaux Arts.

He exhibited at the Paris Salon and the Salon of French Artists from 1900 to 1905. He received a knighthood for his works of art.

‘Désarçonné; Un sonnet’ received a medal in 1869, ‘Un Coup de Canon’ received a premiere medal in1872 as did ‘Le Jour des Fermages’ in1873, ‘Tirailleurs de la Seine’(1874), ‘Dans la Tranchée’(1875), ‘La Desserte’(1876). ‘Aux avant-postes‘ received a third class medal in 1878 at the Universal Exhibition.

Works of his can be found at the Victoria and Albert Museum.