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Marguerite Arosa

Biography of Artist

Marguerite AROSA

French School

She lived in 5 Rue Prony, Paris where she was a painter of landscapes and portraits in oils and watercolours.

After her formal education she studied under Mayer, Barrias and Armand-Gautier.

Arosa exposed regularly at the Paris Salon from 1882 until 1900 and went travelling to Brussels and Britain before returning back to Paris. While in Brussels she showed a picture of note titled “Female Bather” (1884)- another noted work by her was “Andromeda” exhibited in Paris in 1885.

She also exhibited twice at the Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts and in 1892 she took part in the international “Blanc et Noir” exhibition I Belgium where she showed a watercolour entitled “Lilacs in Flower” (Parc Monceau).