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Poppies and Daisies by

de Ladeveze-Cauchois, Louis – Poppies and Daisies

18 x 24

Oil on Canvas

Two Terriers by

De Vos, Vincent – Two Terriers

8 x 12

Oil on Panel


Watering Cattle by

Dierterle, Marie – Watering Cattle

24 x 32

Oil on Canvas

Flamenco dancers by

Diey, Yves – Flamenco dancers

18 x 15

Oil on Canvas

Waiting for her Lover by

Dixon, Arthur P – Waiting for her Lover

30 x 40

Oil on Canvas

Dead Game with a Bittern and Grouse by

Duffield, William – Dead Game with a Bittern and Grouse

25 x 22

Oil on Canvas

A Clipper Ship at Full Sail by

Dumont-Duparc, Robert – A Clipper Ship at Full Sail

12 x 16

Oil on Board

Castle Ruins by

East, Sir Alfred – Castle Ruins

24 x 36

Oil on Canvas

Sir John and Eile by

Emms, John – Sir John and Eile

27 x 33"

Oil on Canvas


This beautiful example of John Emms's work shows the precise detail of the stallion and and dog alongside a subtle sketchy background illustrating the artist's prowess further.

This is one of a set of four that were purchased from a private country house. It is signed and dated Jno Emms 1902. It has been relined but this is for a preservation purpose so that we can enjoy this piece for another hundred years.

It is likely that these four pieces were painted for a wealthy patron to celebrate his stable of horses.

Outside Size: 36 x 42"

Reading by a Table Lamp by

Enjolras, Delphin – Reading by a Table Lamp

22 x 15


Original Antique Frame