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Outside the Farmyard by

Goldsmith, Walter – Outside the Farmyard

14 x 26

Oil on Canvas

Grazing Cattle by

Groenewegen, Adrianus Johannes – Grazing Cattle

24 x 41

Oil on Canvas

Original Antique Frame

A Grouse by

Grolleron, Paul Louis – A Grouse

26 x 19

Oil on Canvas


Moored  Sailing Boats by

Gross, Peter Alfred – Moored Sailing Boats

19 x 26

Oil on Canvas


The Dowagers Palace by

Guey, Fernand – The Dowagers Palace

24 x 29

Oil on Canvas

Fishing on the Riverbank by

Guillon, Adolphe – Fishing on the Riverbank

29 x 39

Oil on Canvas

The Doge’s Palace, Venice by

Perez, Rafael Senet Y – The Doge’s Palace, Venice

20 x 32"

Oil on Canvas