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  • 'Picking Flowers' by Henry J Y King
  • 'Highland Cattle Grazing' by William Watson
  • 'The Llugwy in Flood - Capel Curig' by Alfred de Bréanski (senior)

The artistic beauty and escapism of the Victorian age is extensively represented in our large range of Nineteenth Century art.

Chasing the Ducks by

Wardle, Arthur – Chasing the Ducks

20 x 24

Oil on Canvas

The Rescue by

Wardle, Arthur – The Rescue

40 x 30

Oil on Canvas

The Young Family by

Waters, William Richard – The Young Family

36 x 28

Oil on Canvas

A Beached Boat by

Webb, William – A Beached Boat

24 x 36

Oil on Canvas

A Hunter outside Hanwell House by

Wheeler, John Alfred – A Hunter outside Hanwell House

20 x 27

Oil on Canvas


Fishing on the River by

Williams, Walter J – Fishing on the River

18 x 26

Oil on Canvas

Windmills at Moonlight by

Williams, Walter J – Windmills at Moonlight

18 x 26

Oil on Canvas

A Bay Hunter by

Wright, George – A Bay Hunter

16 x 20

Oil on Canvas