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  • 'A Scene in Dordrecht, Holland' by James Campbell Noble
  • 'Gathering Primroses' by David Fulton
  • Unloading the Barrels, by William Lee Hankey
  • 'Cattle Grazing on a Summers Day' by Campbell A Mellon

The freedom of expression and individuality that were the hallmarks of the Modern British Art Movement.

Jesus and the Fish by

Bray, Phyllis – Jesus and the Fish

34 x 23"

Oil on Canvas


The Fishing Fleet by

Bray, Phyllis – The Fishing Fleet

19 x 29

Oil on Canvas


The Overhanging Trees by

Bray, Phyllis – The Overhanging Trees

22 x 34"

Oil on Canvas


The Toy Boat by

Bray, Phyllis – The Toy Boat

27 x 35"

Oil on Canvas


Tintern Abbey by

Bray, Phyllis – Tintern Abbey

23 x 35"

Oil on Canvas


Waiting for her Lover by

Dixon, Arthur P – Waiting for her Lover

30 x 40

Oil on Canvas

Castle Ruins by

East, Sir Alfred – Castle Ruins

24 x 36

Oil on Canvas

Taking a Break by

Fidler, Harry – Taking a Break

16 x 19

Oil on Canvas

A French Market Town by

Hankey, William Lee – A French Market Town

16 x 20

Oil on Canvas

Unloading the Barrels by

Hankey, William Lee – Unloading the Barrels

25 x 30

Oil on Canvas